Thursday, December 2, 2010

(Minor) Changes to the Blog's Design

The biggest change is that I've added a recommended reading list with links to full view books at Google Books, all of which can be downloaded as .pdfs and some of which can be downloaded as .epubs for reading on smaller format ereaders (other than Kindle).  The first addition to the list is Henry George's Progress and Poverty, which I have skimmed through enough to realize it is worth a careful reading.

I'll be adding other historical texts as time goes by.

The other changes are quite minor: I've removed two blogs from my blog roll.  The removal of Barry Ritholtz's Pig Picture is a permanent change.  I stopped reading his blog awhile ago, mostly because it has started to feel less like an econ blog and more like a trader blog.  The removal of Max Keiser's blog is temporary, and it is also because it has taken on a "trader" vibe.  His attempt to manufacture a "kill JPM with silver" seems more like the pumping that will lead to his dumping silver than it does a genuine effort to create meaningful change.  I still enjoy everything else about his site.