Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Been Awhile, But I'm Still Here

I have started and shelved numerous posts since my last one.  If I ever get around to finishing all of them, I will have a healthy stock of content.

At this point, however, I'm not using this blog so much to communicate what I'm thinking as to record it.  Unfinished posts remain available to me on blogger as vectors indicating the magnitude and direction of my thinking at the time.

I break my silence now because of a recent series of articles posted up over at the Automatic Earth.  This series of posts, which is now in the third installment of four, appeals to me because of the intellectual challenge it poses to understanding the underlying message: the writing is not sugar-coated pablum but hardcore thinking steeped within a context not readily accessible to most and, therefore, subject to contemptuous dismissal.  But for the fact that the posts contravene the dogma of precious metals as money, one person with whom I correspond (who shall remain nameless because he'd likely complain that I was using his name to my own advantage) would argue that I'm a dupe, fooled by my predisposition towards the intellectual (he assumes because of my education, which is incorrect; I was a lousy student after high school and studied no social science, economics or philosophy until recently.  I write the way I think and speak.  If that comes across as intellectual, so be it.).

The game that is being played out right now is much deeper than the vast majority of people suspect.  I've been talking about "managed deflation" for months, and that's still my call.  What this means is cyclical variations in asset values over time with the absolute magnitude of the values being dampened over time such that we revert to a new, downward-sloping mean.  The powers that be can and will make a tremendous amount of money raping the "traders" chasing yield as a hedge against inflation that will never materialize.  Financialism is done.  Toast.  Kaput.  At least for the foreseeable future.  The point now is to maintain the illusion of normalcy while creating new memories of the horror created by the evil State that is but a puppet of larger, more powerful interests that pretend to be victims.

The bottom line is this: vast, multinational corporations have broken the individual v. collective dialectic.  These corporations are collectives masquerading as individuals victimized by the only collective that neoliberalis officially recognize outside of labor unions: the State, which typically is a Banana Republic or Company Town owned and controlled by these corporations.  The whole thing is a tragic farce that will end badly for all concerned.  We're not heading for a repeat of the Great Depression, but of the Dark Ages.

Anyway, after all that, you'll find what the Automatic Earth has to say quite uplifting, if you can manage to pick your way through it.