Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paul Craig Roberts on the Death of America

Paul Craig Roberts says what needs to be said about the unlawful execution of a U.S. citizen by his government: The Day America Died.

To be clear, the execution of American citizens without Due Process is something that the U.S. government had engaged in numerous times in its checkered past.  What makes this murder different is, as PCR says, "never prior to President Obama has a President asserted the power to murder citizens." 

Think about it: even Dubya didn't go that far, and he was despised by Obama supporters. 

What shocked me-- and it shouldn't have-- is "liberals" like Bill Maher and Salman Rushdie were all for murdering Awlaki when people like them had problems with something far less serious-- indefinite detention of foreign citizens-- when Dubya was doing it.

Let's face it, Americans of all political stripes have entered an era that history will judge as one when Americans only "Thought They Were Free."

This is what the American flavor of fascism looks like.