Friday, December 23, 2011

Excellent Post from CHS Today

His opening paragraph states his thesis well:

The government's refusal to investigate financial crimes committed by the banking cartel and its Elites is nothing less than the willful destruction ofthe rule of law.
Barry Ritholtz is possessed by the same zeitgeist:

The fraud is rampant, self-evident, easy to prosecute. The only reason it hasn’t been done so far is that this nation is led by corrupt cowards and suffers from a ruinous two-party system.
We were once a great nation that set a shining example for the rest of the world as to what the Rule of Law meant. That is no more, as we have become a corrupt plutocracy. Why our prosecutors cower in front of the almighty banking industry is beyond my limited ability to comprehend.
The meme is spreading.  The trust in the current system is in tatters but holds on because there is still a large enough mass of people in "the center"-- between the unemployed and the 1%-- who are too frightened about losing their own livelihood to recognize the game is over.  Playing by the rules nets nothing for the regular guy. The game is rigged so that the house wins every time.