Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today's SCOTUS Decision Opens the Door to "Tax" By Forcing the Public to Purchase Private Goods and Services

Posterity will judge today's SCOTUS decision in the so-called "healthcare debate" as empowering Congress to force individuals to purchase goods and services from private corporations under the auspices of Congress's power to levy and collect taxes, even though Congress won't actually collect the so-called "taxes" at all.  (You need to think like Roberts to understand what Roberts actually intends by supporting this outcome.)

That's the game, folks.  Legalizing the "privatization" of public functions through Congress's power to levy and collect taxes (even if they can't collect; i.e., Roberts is saying that Congress has the power to levy or collect taxes, and that it is enough to levy the tax without the power or opportunity to collect it).

Any liberal/progressive who hails this decision as a "victory" is either an innocent, a lunatic, or a shill.