Thursday, September 27, 2012

UNFINISHED: Putting the Lie In CiviLIEzation

A concept I've discussed previously is that of "Double Truth," i.e., language that speaks one truth to the masses and the opposite truth to the elite.  Nietzsche termed the concept the "Double Lie."

Once you've become aware of the concept- whatever you call it- you learn to recognize its application.

Toby understands the concept, even if he does not tag it with a label at all:
By the way, when I say “the state”, I refer to that dynamic concealed behind the infamous The State vs. The Market Show most left/right wing loyalists and ideologues get so hot and bothered about. I think of that dynamic as elitist exploitation of the majority, as hinted at above.
I generally hate philosophers.  They are so steeped in the manufacture of Double Truths that many of them probably never recognize what it is they do. Still, I try to reserve directing my hatred towards those philosophers (and "applied philosophers") who actively and knowingly engage in duping the masses to benefit the lite.

Because of my aversion to philosophers, I did my best to avoid reading the works of the most famous Western philosophers, Plato and Aristotle.  Much to my surprise, a seemingly unrelated research project ultimately led me to their writings.  But as soon as started reading them, their Double Lies were clear as day.  While Plato spoke far more plainly than Aristotle, both relied on "Hidden Truths," the unspoken/unwritten keys to unlocking their political philosophy as a control mechanism.

Once unlocked by their Hidden Truths, Plato's and Aristotle's writings can only be read as bemoaning the failure of the Athenian version of "democracy" to scale: they determined that the vast majority of Athenian citizens so believed the lie of Athenian democracy that they undermined the ability of the Athenian state to grow beyond a certain size.  Each man reacted differently.  Plato developed utopic visions of authoritarian/totalitarian states.  Aristotle was much more subtle and developed a utopic vision that has ruled us ever since.