Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heidegger Is Dangerous

I discovered Heidegger over the weekend. His Being and Time seems to be a long-winded and opaque version of my fractal theory of human cognition, which boils down to the very simple proposition that human beings do not experience life but interpret it by comparing what they observe to what they expected and acting according to the emotion that such comparison creates.

To put this in terms closer to Heidegger's, the Cartesian and Aristotlean view of the individual as a segregated, static thing is a failed model of humanity.  Human beings live from moment to moment, pushing off from the "reality"of their expectations towards their future actions based on how the present lives up to their expectations.  

I'm stunned that Heidegger could not explain what I just said so succinctly.  Every time I take the time to wade through so-called "philosophy," I find so much twaddle, so much bullshit, that I want to puke.  

That being said, Heidegger is very hard to find, which indicates to me that he spoke too much truth, notwithstanding the fact that it is incomprehensible to most people.  If I were in charge of the true elites, I'd be out pimping Heidegger in all his incomprehensible glory in order to make sure nobody ever took him seriously again.  Disappearing people like Heidegger, Henry George and Henry Simons (the excommunicated neoliberal) only makes their messages more valid.