Monday, July 8, 2013

Three Degrees of Equality. Three Degrees of Liberty.

Many so-called conservatives insist on distinguishing between equality and liberty.  They say that what makes them conservative is their belief that liberty trumps equality (which does not exist in nature, anyway).  Conservatives also assert that what makes so-called liberals liberal is their alleged belief that equality trumps liberty.

While there is a certain truth in how conservatives characterize the differences between them and liberals, the distinction is, in fact, false.  Liberty has no meaning if it is not an absolute.  You either have liberty, or you do not.  If it is possible for one citizen to have more liberty than another, than nobody truly enjoys liberty.

My take on the "conservative" Roberts Supreme Court is it sees three degrees (or axes) of equality, and it makes decisions regarding equality so as to curtail individual liberty.  Specifically, the Roberts Court appears to recognize political equality, economic equality and social equality and seeks to eliminate the political and economic equality of ordinary citizens so as to eliminate their political and economic liberty.  Social equality and social liberty are the only things left open for debate, and liberals and citizens alike take the bait and so fail to see that they are being robbed of any semblance of political or economic equality and liberty.

The equality and liberty that neoliberalism offers the masses is the equal opportunity to choose between the choices offered them.  Free to choose indeed.