Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear Mr. Biden: You Have No Base Left

According to an item posted at HuffPo, Joe Biden is telling the Democratic Party's base "to stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives."

No problem, Joe.  I've looked at the alternatives, and they don't seem meaningfully different from what the Democratic Party offers. 

Yes, we now have an articulate, well-read president compared to what we had, but his judgment is consistently the same as the inarticulate, poorly-read president he replaced.  I see no difference that matters. 

Yes, we now have a president of mixed race, and it is impossible to imagine a Republican presidential candidate of mixed race or a racial minority, but the fact is that your mixed race president consistently reaches the same conclusions as the white president he replaced.  Again, I see no difference that matters.

Yes, we now have a president who says how much he cares about the less fortunate among us, but his actions prove that he doesn't, just like the fool who sat in his chair before him.  Again, I see no difference that matters.

Yes, we now have a president who championed healtchare for all, but his solution was a Republican one that was very far from the no-mandate public option that he ran on.  In this case, there is no difference (in spite of the Republicans faux protests to the contrary).

I am no longer a part of the Democratic Party's base.  Now, I just don't care about the parties.  My job is to do my best to give each party the chance to utterly destroy itself.  Job One right now is to help your party, Joe, completely implode, and I am going to vote against Democrats that I actually like in order to accelerate the political demise of asshats like you and your boss.  Whining is what children do, Joe.  I'm not a child, Joe, and you and Barry have made a huge mistake in treating me and others like me, as if we were children.

Enjoy your one term as Vice President.

UPDATE:  Here's an interesting piece from Crooks & Liears entitled "Rich Vote with Their Wallets to End Bush Tax Cuts.  Again," which includes a graphic showing how 52% of households having an income over $200,000 voted for Obama.  Well, my household was part of that demographic and has been for many years.  I've voted against my own self-interest for two decades because I was fool enough to believe that there was somebody out there looking out for the middle class (which I am no longer part of) and the American Dream (which I managed to achieve against the odds).  Now, I know otherwise, and I will start behaving accordingly, not to embrace my inner asshat but to get the asshats out of power so we can get back to having a robust middle class.