Saturday, September 18, 2010

Denninger to the Banksters: Stop Dining on the Middle Class

Karl Denninger is a passionate, somewhat ideological guy with whom I often disagree on the details but just as often agree on the the outlines of the problems and solutions.

Today, he has a good summary of where we are and how we got here.  Again, I don't agree with all the details, but the final few paragraphs summarize my sentiments quite well:

President Obama and Congress have a serious choice to make before them.  This is not about elections, it is ultimately about national survival.  The Jamie Dimons and Tim Geithners of the world don't care about the middle class or working person - they care about being bailed out of their positions, and how it happens doesn't matter to them.  They can and will step on your neck in order to do it, even though such an act is pure idiocy in that it only provides temporary respite.

But desperation does not lead to coalition-building and thoughtful response, it leads to cannibalism, especially when one has squandered the earlier opportunities to plant the fields and reap a harvest.

Nonetheless, cannibalism, should you choose it, means fewer hands next spring to plant said field.  Carried to it's logical conclusion there is exactly one man left with nobody else available to eat.

America must not go there.

It is time to change course, and that change in course begins with giving the banksters and other "financiers" a choice: either stop the crap - right now and forevermore, and give back what you stole through false pretense - or you're the ones we "eat" while we put this nation right.
As his post demonstrates, Karl seems somewhat influenced by the Austrian School's business cycle theory and assumes that money saved is actually invested (as opposed to being used at the casino to gamble), but the fact that I disagree with his economic theory does not mean I have to disagree with his ultimate conclusion.