Sunday, September 26, 2010

Karl Denninger Is On Fire (Again)

One of the things I like about Karl is that he calls thing like he sees them.  This time, it's about the fraud done by the banks.  Yes, he casts some blame on the government for setting up a system that absolves banks of wrongdoing, which is completely fair, but his focus is on the banks, where it ought to be.

Here's the impassioned conclusion to his post:

How far does this have to go ladies and gentlemen, before you've had enough?; Before you simply refuse to submit?  How much of your money - both present and future earnings - has to be stolen before you will rise and say "no more"?

How much?

Do you need to be reduced to living under a freeway overpass?  Eating scraps from a garbage bin?  Is not having your retirement and income security destroyed not once, but twice in ten years enough for you to demand that this crap stop, and for you to refuse to labor and thus create more wealth that these crooks can steal until you obtain effective redress and the people responsible are held to account?

These events were not accidents folks.

They were premeditated and intentional, undertaken with the full knowledge of what would - and did - happen.

The truth has been covered up, whitewashed and papered over by both major political parties, neither of which is willing to stand and demand that all of these void agreements be rescinded, that the funds stolen be returned and that everyone involved in this tawdry mess go straight to prison.

No, instead all you've heard is "irrational exuberance."

There was nothing irrational about it folks.

It was intentional, mendacious theft