Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Done With Mainstream Econo-Blogs

Naked Capitalism is the last mainstrream econoblog that I still frequent, and I've decided that continuing to visit the site is of little value to me.

It's bad enough that Yves has elected to give "air time" to the smug, self-celebrating Philip "I'm so fucking smart" Pilkington, a guy who pimps MMT in a way to make it sound hopelessly naive.

But the real problem is tha lack of any effort to define solutions to the problems that are now so very clear.  The aim of the blog appears merely to be to confirm, yet again, that people like "us" were right to say there's a problem because, well, there's a problem!  Mirable dictu!

Quelle surpise?  Not really.  You make money by exercising people's concerns, not by resolving them.

Why quit frequenting NC now?  I have found that all I care about are comments from attempter and DownSouth.  Everybody else is too stuck within the current paradigm to say anything of interest.  Like me, however, attempter and DownSouth don't comment nearly as much as they once did.