Monday, June 13, 2011

Responding to the most recent comment

Blogger is puking on my attempt to provide a comment, so I'm responding to Mr. Falberg here.

I prefer to not resort to ideas like the "New World Order."

First, to the extent that a New World Order is actually contemplated, it is merely a new new New World Order (at least) meant to secure power in light of society evolving to a point where it wants to take that power away.

Second, the current NWO theory infuses far too much lifelike detail into what is at best a thumbnail sketch. Indeed, the ruling elite would be stupid to insist on a "one world government" because a key aspect of maintaining control without responsibility is to be behind the scenes and out of sight. The more people there between you and the audience, the less likely they'll be able to see you. The current system is already far more effective than a one world government would ever be.

And the worst part about it is that a lot of the people who believe in and push the NWO thesis love them thelr natural law, their John Locke, and their Thomas Jefferson, i.e., they just prefer the old NWO over the one they see coming.

I care less about the conspiracies and more about the mechanisms that allow us to be duped by them.  The only thing we can control is our own actions.  I can't stop somebody from trying to dupe me, but I don't have to allow myself to be duped.  The problem with the NWO theory is that it assumes its starting worldview is itself valid and true when, in fact, it appears to be just a prior version of the NWO, at least to me.