Sunday, October 23, 2011

Placeholder: "-Isms" and Power

I've been taking a haphazard journey through time in an effort to understand better the human condition.  As a result of this journey, I have become convinced that we are on the verge of an event like the so-called "Glorious Revolution" of 1688. 

My journey thus far has only taken me to the formation of the modern Roman Catholic Church and the feudalism that arose in its wake.  The way I see it, the Glorious Revolution marked the end of feudalism and the beginning of capitalism.  The primary difference between the two power structures is that feudalism relied upon the social institution of the Roman Catholic Church to dictate the economy, while capitalism set up secular social institutions to dictate the economy.  Capitalism was on the verge of failure beginning in the mid 18th century, and Marx offered an alternative power structure in communism.  The problem with all the "-isms" is that they always benefit the same people, i.e., the oligarchy that is already in control.  The value of capitalism, and its cousin communism, is that they both make it harder to hold the true rulers accountable.

In any event, the people of the world are awakening to two facts: (1) the promise of the neoliberal form capitalism is false, and (2) we have passed the point of no return for capitalism, as we are at Peak Everything.

My great hope is that, this time, the break from the past will not wind up with the current rulers on top, as has always been the case in the past.