Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Karl Gets Punk'd. Hoists Self On Own Petard

Whenever a "cultural" issue pops up, Karl Denninger throws reason to the wind and embraces his inner nut-job.  This time, he seems to take what an anonymous poster on the internet says as indicative of their personal views and the views of the anti-gun lobby.  Take a look at the poster's history on that particular forum, and it is pretty clear he, like Karl, is a "conservative" pro-gun nut-job, although a full time one (instead of an occasional one, like Karl.).  Seems clear to me that "gizmo1942" is an agent provocateur specifically trying to drum up angst about gun control among his nut-job brethren.  Mission accomplished!

I think I'm done with Karl.

Full disclosure: I don't support further gun control.