Saturday, October 20, 2012

Any Sense of Superiority Is False

One of the hardest things to maintain is the recognition that no human being is inherently superior to any other.

This is not to say that we are all equal.

Then again, how many dimensions of social value do we actually measure?  I know plenty of people who are nowhere as "successful" as I am who are clearly superior in certain areas that are viewed as "intangibles" because we refuse to measure and pay for them.

But it can become quite tempting to forget what is not measured, what is not appreciated, and to convince ourselves that we are really as great as others hold us out to be.

Hint: that's just your ego.  Human beings from top to bottom are basically the same. While the distribution of sociopaths may be much higher at the upper rungs of society, that's only because the rules of society are sociopathic in that they were not designed to apply to the people who created them.

People like Jesse who want to believe that the Elite are sociopaths need to consider that the societal values were created and driven by the Elite, who created societal values to inhibit everybody but themselves.  So why do you continue to advocate those societal values, Jesse?

And I'm not saying that we should abandon these societal values, only that we should recognize that they control us, whatever they may be.